Online learning with Alex Havard

(4 modules, 50 hours video)

in English, Spanish and French

is available at

Module I – Temperament

  1. Discover your biological temperament (primary and secondary); 2) Distinguish biological temperament from spiritual character; 3) Explore the virtues of character; 4) Acknowledge your spiritual challenge.

Module II – Mission

  1. Learn the difference between objectives and missions; 2) Learn to write your story; 3) Discover the central theme of your life; 4) Explore the cultural or social challenge you are called to respond to with passion and dedication; 5) Discover your mission; 6) Write down your mission statement.

Module III – Greatness and Service

  1. Discover magnanimity and humility, the specific virtues of leaders; 2) Explore greatness and acknowledge its practical meaning; 3) Distinguish magnanimity from pride; 4) Explore the virtue of humility (self-knowledge and service) and acknowledge its practical meaning; 5) Distinguish humility from pusillanimity (small-mindedness); 6) Discover how magnanimity and humility go hand in hand.

Module IV – Principles

  1. Explore the 12 basic Virtuous Leadership principles; 2)  Discover the foundations of leadership; 3) Explore the 4 cardinal virtues of prudence (practical wisdom), courage, self-mastery and justice; 4) Discover the distinction between virtue ethics and rules-based ethics.