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Virtuous Leadership

Virtuous Leadership: An Agenda for Personal Excellence

Drawing on the lives of some of the greatest political, intellectual and religious leaders of modern times, and the author’s personal experience, Virtuous Leadership demonstrates that leadership and virtue are not only compatible, they are actually synonymous.

Virtuous Leadership defines each of the classical human virtues most essential to leadership – magnanimity, humility, prudence, courage, self-control and justice. It demonstrates how these virtues promote personal transformation and the attainment of self-fulfillment. It also considers the Christian supernatural virtues of faith, hope and charity without which no study of leadership can be complete.

The book’s final section, Towards Victory, offers a methodology for the achievement of interior growth tailored to the needs of busy, professional people intent on imbuing their lives with a transcendent purpose. Thus, the aim of Virtuous Leadership is ultimately practical. It is meant to be your guidebook in the quest for excellence.

Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity

Created for Greatness explains the virtue of magnanimity, a virtue capable of setting the tone of your entire life, transforming it, giving it new meaning and leading to the flourishing of your personality. Magnanimity is the willingness to undertake great tasks; it is the source of human greatness. Along with humility, it is a virtue specific to true leaders emboldened by the desire to achieve greatness by bringing out the greatness in others. Complete with practical steps and points for personal examination, this book will not only inspire you, but will place you firmly on the path to a more magnanimous life.

Critical acclaim for Virtuous Leadership

“I found Virtuous Leadership a fascinating book that goes straight to the heart of the matter:  we need to base our decisions on reality and the essence of reality is man himself.” 

Francois Michelin, CEO of Group Michelin (1955-1999)

“In a complicated world, simplicity is priceless. Virtuous Leadership is full of brilliant insights.  It is highly topical and relevant.” 

Timo Soini, Deputy Prime Minister of Finland and Minister of Foreign Affairs (since 2015).

“Alex Havard’s Virtuous Leadership, a plea to return to the classical virtues, reflects the ongoing resurgence in appreciation for the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, which served humanity well for two millennia.  I highly recommend this life-changing read.” 

Lee Deremer Colonel, USAF, Professor of Ethics and Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College (2007-2008).

Virtuous Leadership is a timeless book.  After you read it, you will find yourself citing its many brilliant phrases without even realizing it.”

Sari Essayah, World Champion in Women’s Race Walking (1993) and Member of the European Parliament (2009-2014).

“Somebody has finally written a book about virtue for those engaged in the business world. Too many books spill out of the presses on being EFFECTIVE, on getting YOUR WAY, on making big bucks quick.  This book should be in every airport across Europe and America! (And ditch all the other quick-read, make-million business books that litter the bookstore shelves.) 

Benjamin D. Wiker, Author of A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature, 2006.

“Alexandre Havard’s Virtuous Leadership is a book long-needed on every level of public life in the developed nations.  A vitally important and timely book.” 

Michael D. O’Brien, Author of Father Elijah: An Apocalypse (1996).

“Alexandre Havard gives us new reason to hope.  Above and beyond the method presented in this book, he makes us want to want, and to do so with enthusiasm, this intense emotion that impels us to action in joy.” 

Jacques de ChateauvieuxCEO of BOURBON and Chairman of the AXA Supervisory Board (2008-2010).