Temperament Tests

Do not be afraid of the outcome: the test is not about your moral character, but your physiological temperament. It is about your first reaction to external stimuli. The more you come to expose your first reaction in your answers, the more valid will be the result of the test.

To discover your dominant temperament, take the test below. To discover the combination of your temperament (dominant and minor one), take this more elaborated test: https://www.temperamentquiz.com/

1.I am comfortable with power
2.I am endowed with a strong sense of cooperation
3.I am eager to please and want everyone to love me
4.I am self-confident
5.I am constant, loyal, and persevering
6.I get many things done in a short time
7.I easily feel overwhelmed
8.I am slow to admit mistakes
9.I flourish in competition
10.I am prone to superficiality and inconstancy
11.I always do things my way
12.I am not easily insulted or provoked to anger
13.I am extremly independent
14.I am insensitive; known to disregard others’ views and feelings
15.I am inclined toward blind activism
16.I am easily distracted
17.I have great empathy for others
18.I am prone to contemplative reflection
19.I am friendly, outgoing, and communicative
20.I am confrontational
21.I am very attuned to my five senses
22.I easily jump over obstacles
23.I am motivated in large part by fun
24.I am terrified of making mistakes
25.I am enterprising and adventuresome
26.I get many things started
27.I am easily distracted by something new
28.I long for perfection all the time
29.I am depassionate in my approach to reality
30.I tend to be faithful, patient, and persistent
31.I am prone to pessimism
32.I am not open to running risks
33.I seek to avoid conflict at all costs
34.I prone to self-absorption: to be absorbed by my thoughts and feelings
35.I enjoy people and want to make them happy
36.I am content with the status quo, security, and routine
37.Enthusiastic, energetic, decisive: this is me!
38.I am overly sensitive and easily critical or judgmental of others
39.I don’t like change
40.I fear uncertainty
41.I tend to be an ineffective team players
42.I am always scientific in my approach to reality
43.I am endowed with a strong sense of obligation