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About us

The Havard Virtuous Leadership Institute offers leadership training, executive development programs, consulting and mentoring. Our programs are inspired by the leadership philosophy set forth in the books by Alexandre Havard, Virtuous Leadership (New York, 2007) and Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity (Washington, 2011).

The Author of the Virtuous Leadership System

MGTU 4 2013Alexandre Havard is the author of the Virtuous Leadership system. Born in Paris, he is a barrister by profession having graduated from the René Descartes University, one of France’s leading law schools, and practiced law in several European countries. He is now living and working in Moscow where he offers seminars in Virtuous Leadership to senior business executives and university students. His book Virtuous Leadership (New York, 2007) has been translated into 15 languages. Alexandre Havard is also the author of Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity (Washington, 2011). Alexandre Havard founded Virtuous Leadership Centers in Moscow, Washington, Shanghai, Paris, Helsinki and Nairobi.